XLR8 Speed Balls

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XLR8 Speed Balls

Can't hit the curve ball? Change-ups have you swinging and missing?

This is the #1 small training ball in Baseball and Softball! XLR8 Your Game with XLR8 Speed Balls!

The Patent Pending XLR8 Speed Balls were designed with a specific intent: To answer the question: "How do we instruct baseball players to hit different speed pitches?" Answer: Produce a ball that flies at different speeds!

Previous products could not accomplish this without some manipulation by the "pitcher". Not anymore. The XLR8 Speed Balls fly at different speeds, with different flight characteristics! All by being thrown with the same arm speed. Presto! Instant off-speed pitch training without any manipulation from the "pitcher". Now Mom, Dad, your sister or anyone else can throw great batting practice without any effort or knowledge about baseball. Simply throw the XLR8 Speed Balls and they do the rest. It's pretty cool when your Grandma can throw a changeup to rival Pedro Martinez's or a Fastball like Cliff Lee's... just by sitting on a chair and tossing Speed Balls!

  • Develops Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Improves Concentration
  • Trains "See the Ball" Approach
  • Promotes "Pure Hitter = Power Hitter" Approach
  • Great "off-speed" Pitch Training
  • Each package contains 6 Speed Balls