All Star CG5001A Adult Protective Catcher&
All Star CG5001A Adult Protective Catcher&

All Star CG5001A Adult Protective Catcher's Inner Glove

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The Allstar CG5001 Protective Inner Glove Full Palm, is a specially engineered inner-glove that is designed to offer a durable and consistent layer of protection for players who desire additional safety around the vulnerable areas of the hand. This glove can be used for both regular fielding gloves and catcher's mitts without inhibiting movement or adding too much bulk. Utilizing D30 Protection technology, the CG5001 effectively surrounds the vulnerable areas of the hand and situates elite-level padding around fragile bones and nerve endings. A specially implemented Goat Skin Palm provides a comfortable, long-lasting layer that feels delicate to the touch and remains supple for many seasons. 

  • Protective inner glove designed for both catching and fielding
  • Lightweight and thin D3o palm pad absorbs and spreads shock over a larger surface area, limiting nerve damage after repeated impacts
  • Thin and breathable fabric on back of hand keeps hand cool
  • Index, middle, ring, and pinky fingers have tacky surface applied for extra grip in the mitt
  • Available for Right Hand Throwers Only
  • Colour: Black