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rawlings wheeled catcher&
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Rawlings R1801 Wheeled Catcher&
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Rawlings R1801 Wheeled Catcher&

Rawlings R1801 Wheeled Catcher's Backpack

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The Rawlings wheeled catcher's backpack makes your life easier. It's the most convenient way to get all your equipment to games and practices. This rolling equipment bag's design is so much easier to carry than a bulky over-the-shoulder bag. It's extendable handle and rugged wheels allow you to easily pull it along the sidewalk or parking lot. As a result, you won't waste precious time and energy just getting to and from fields.

In addition, this catcher's bag offers a vast amount of storage, a dedicated glove storage pocket, chest protector storage, and a separate pocket for shoes too! For even more added convenience the external leg guard storage allows you to strap your leg guards to the outside, so you don't have to figure out how to cram them into the bag itself. It also holds up to four bats so you can make sure to keep all your equipment together in one place.

The first time you use the Rawlings wheeled catcher's backpack you'll wonder what life was like before it.

  • Holds four (4) bats
  • Telescoping handle with rugged wheels and storable backpack straps provide dual carrying options
  • External leg guard storage
  • Dedicated glove storage pocket with removable panel
  • Fleece-lined valuables pocket
  • Dedicated chest protector storage
  • Separate pocket for shoe storage
  • Easy to clean tarpaulin bottom material
  • XL fence hooks with discreet elastic storage