SHOC Super Grip Compression Arm Sleeve

SHOC Super Grip Compression Arm Sleeve

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A typical compression arm sleeves provides some protective benefits as well as some extra swag to your look. But when we heard feedback from a lot of folks that they don't actually like to wear them because the ball slips off of the dry-fit material that a lot of other brands use, we decided to come up with a better solution. At SHOC we were football players ourselves, and we totally understand that it's awesome to look good and play good. But NOBODY wants to have a fumble and lose the game. So we put our innovative product development team to work and came up with THE best looking AND performing sleeve in the market.

THE SHOC Super Grip Arm Sleeve

The SHOC Super Grip arm sleeve is a breathable, comfortable, and washable arm compression sleeve. We have designed them to provide extra ball grip on the inside of the sleeve for improved ball security. This new Super Grip material will help ensure you don't lose the ball to a fumble when the game is on the line. 


  • Our durable performance material for comfort and elasticity
  • Provides abrasion protection and friction burn protection. 
  • Keeps arms warm throughout the length of play or training
  • The inner arm has a vented material with a Super Grip SHOC brand pattern this keeps you cool while giving greater ball security
  • Will provide protection from harmful UVA and UVB radiation